Tiki Bay Entertainment LLC is a growing company based in Orlando Florida specializing in tropical productions and island entertainment. We are continuously looking for new ideas and new services to offer. 

Please look over the positions below we currently have available and if interested, please reach out to us and attach you resume to the email at the bottom of this page

If you have a new exciting idea for a service that may be of interest to us, you are welcome to send us a presentation and if we like it, you would be hired to head that division or section of the company.

We are looking for people that are fun and exciting to work in a great fun work environment with an "Island" twist.

We are a tropical Polynesian influenced company with a strong focus on tropical entertainment. Though our focus is heavy on Polynesian style entertainment, we are an extremely diverse company that also works with the TV industry, Gaming industry and other forms of entertainment such as providing Santa's for the holidays, movie nights, Parties, Football and sports events and so much more.

Below is a current list of openings, If you see something that interests you, we encourage you to apply.

Our starting rate for all positions is $15/hr (some positions pay more depending on the position)

Applicants should have:

  • Have reliable transportation

  • Be over 18 years of age

  • Able to work on their own 

  • Like to work outdoors in all weather conditions (some positions are indoors)

Hourly positions

Poolside hotel/resort DJ entertainer

We are currently seeking Energetic entertainment DJ's to work at our clients hotels and resorts around Orlando.

What a typical gig looks like:

  • This is around the main pool of the resort/hotels

  • You will setup the tent and equipment at a pre-chosen location around the main pool area and make sure it meets safety standards (ie, no cords in wet areas, all electronic equipment out of range of pool splashing and secured to a grounded outlet)

  • You will test and make sure everything works properly

  • Our focus is on the tropics so khaki board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt is our uniform

  • 3 hours of playing todays top 50

  • Play games with the kids (hula hoops, bags, etc.)

  • Play trivia with the adults

  • Interact with hotel/resort guests. Find out where they are from etc.

  • Take requests for songs (must be clean and family friendly and not suggestive. We MUST keep our shows family friendly!

  • We work in time blocks with the hotels so you can do more than 1 gig per day! Our blocks are 11am - 2pm, 3pm - 6pm and 6pm to 9pm (also known as our "Sunset pool party")

Pay rate is $20/hr. (you get paid for 3 hours of entertainment and an extra hour for setup and teardown for a total of $80 per gig)

*NOTE-if you have your own equipment, you will be booked for more hotel gigs. You will also have 1st choice of weddings and events which pay between $400 and $1,000 depending on the type of event.

** Once you are at a location, that will be your permanent location unless there is a request to have a different DJ at that location at the hotels request.


  • Must sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement

  • Must sign a non compete agreement 

Commission Positions

Account Manager - We are currently looking for someone with a strong sales background that is not looking for the typical office job where you can work as many or as few hours as you would like that wants to make as much money as they can without restrictions that salary and hourly wages have on regular jobs.

The best part, as long as you stay with us, every time your client renews their contract, you receive another commission payment on that contract. This means on top of finding new contracts you get residual payments on renewing contracts.

Imagine making more in 10 or 20 hours of work than working 2 40+ hour weeks and having the time to yourself that you want to do the things you love doing!

Independent Contractor Positions (NEW)

Event Planner -

Ever want to open your own event planning business?

Have you ever wanted to plan events from birthday parties to weddings to huge events like conventions or private shows?

Do you want to make your own hours? 

Do you want to not be limited to how much you can make per year?

We have created a way for you to accomplish all the above without the high expense of starting and operating your own company and take all the insurance and paperwork with owning a business.

We are now looking for event planners to join us as independent contractors for our new division Enchanted Rose Weddings & Events.

You will have the freedom to work as much or as little as you wish, make as much money as you wish and have the freedom to work your own way as your own boss! 

We provide support with a vendor list that has vendors that have agreed to discounted pricing for us that you can either up-charge to the original prices and keep the extra 10% to 20% of the rental contracts or you can pass the savings on to your clients. We also have in-house DJ's, pipe and drape and lighting you will have access to at 50% off the market rate!

You can find your own clients and we will also provide you leads. PLUS, If we have an event we want to do but don't have the personnel to plan it, we will pay you to plan and execute the event.

So what is the catch? There really isn't any. Except that if you find clients on your own, they would still have to be contracted through us to make sure the event is covered by our insurance.

How does it work? You provide the services to the clients (ones you find or leads we provide you) 

What do we do? We advertise event planning through web presence, billboards etc., we provide insurance and take care of federal and state compliance, offer support and give you updated vendor lists so you can make even more money or pass along the savings to the client.

What does it cost? Nothing!

You keep 80% of the contract amount (plus tips and finders fees from vendors)

We get 20% to cover admin costs, insurance costs etc.

Our services start at $500 and go up to $4,000  so you can make unlimited money up to what you can handle. You can hire your own assistants or help as needed (paid by you) as you get busy allowing you to continue to grow and be backed by a professional company with a reputation of the highest quality services.

If interested, Please email and be sure to attach a resume